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CE Certification services

VOV Technical and Legal services ensures that the products of a company comply to the CE marking and CE certification regulations. The experts of Consultants Europe are specialized in all CE marking regulations and due to the in-house expertise a very short turnaround time can be achieved to certify a product.

VOV technical and legal experts carry out CE certification modifications to a clientĄ¯s product or documentation in order to meet with the essential requirements of the CE marking Directives.

Our expert CE marking services consist out of:

  • Verifying product documentation
  • Modifying and testing products to ensure compliance with CE marking regulations
  • Compiling CE mark Technical construction files
  • Applying CE marking
  • Authorized Representation

VOV is to provide a comprehensive range of business services aimed at assuring the European product conformity. The in-depth expertise of our professionals and an extensive working experience in a wide industrial spectrum enable us to achieve this goal. VOV to establish a close, trusting relationship with our clients based on proven performance and total dedication to their products.

  1. EU Documentation and Standards Delivery Service.
    • 1.1 EU Product Directives
    • 1.2 European Standards
    • 1.3 Other EU Official Documents
  2. Technical Consulting Service
    • 2.1 Technical Advice on Compliance Engineering
    • 2.2 Safety and Risk Assessments
  3. Compliance Testing Service
    • 3.1 Pre-compliance testing arrangement
    • 3.2 Full-compliance testing arrangement
  4. Technical Documentation Service
    • 4.1 Technical Files (Technical Documentation):
      guiding you preparing this document.
    • 4.2 EC Declaration of Conformity:
      guiding you preparing this document, we have different models in several languages.
  5. Labeling and Document Translation
    • 5.1 Users Manual and Installation Instructions
    • 5.2 Labeling Advice and Translation