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Your Route to ISO 14000 Certification           

Enquiry & Free Estimate

Following your enquiry and completion of our application and questionnaire we review that information and provide you with a free estimate. There are no fees until you accept the estimate and return the signed contract that includes the conditions for certification. We will contact you to start the certification process and agree dates for the Pre-Audit, then assign an auditor who will contact you to finalise arrangements.

Pre-Audit Visit

The Pre-Audit, at your site, provides a focus for planning the Main Audit and reviews documentation specific to:

, Your business,
, Your environmental management system, processes, products & activities, 
, Your environmental aspects and significant environmental impacts,
, Your regulatory requirements,
, Your internal audit maturity,

We will discuss any proposed corrective actions and a programme can be agreed for the Main Audit visit.

Main Audit Visit

The Main Audit measures the effectiveness of the Environmental Management System in managing significant environmental aspects, policies, objectives and targets, environmental performance improvement, regulatory requirements and the internal audit programme. The audit is carried out alongside your own people, with results and findings openly discussed and reviewed. At the end of the audit a report is prepared for acknowledgement and acceptance by your company representative. Any corrective actions arising from the audit are discussed and any forward plan of work agreed, including a follow-up visit if needed.

Certification Approval & Surveillance Programme

When your environmental management System complies with ISO 14001 a certificate of approval is issued, which is valid for three years, subject to satisfactory on-going maintenance of your environmental management system. Verification is through an audit surveillance programme that is carried out at six monthly intervals with visits organised to fit in with your business requirements.

Three-yearly Re-assessment Visit

Every 3 years your environmental management system needs to be re-assessed. Following satisfactory reassessment your certificate is reissued for a further three years. Following satisfactory reassessment your certificate is reissued for a further three years.