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CE Compliance - Overview           

If your product has not been designed to the correct Standard, we recommend
. CertifiGroup E-Review will guide you through the first important steps, making the process go smoothly. HereˇŻs how weˇŻll get started:

Risk Analysis
This critical step will help determine any obvious and major shortcomings of the equipment design for CE Compliance. With E-Review, weˇŻll be able to look at your products together, cutting unnecessary steps out of the process for your CE Mark project.

Selection of Standards
Next, we need to know which Standards and CE Directives will apply to your equipment. It could be a combination of EN, IEC and other European or other International Standards your product will need to comply with to meet Electrical, Electromagnetic Compatability, Machinery, Low Voltage or Medical Device Directive regulations for Europe.

Test Plan
We know testing, you need a test plan that will be efficient and time-sensitive. Your CertifiGroup test plan will help eliminate costly re-testing. All your testing needs wil be quickly met, including electrical product safety, EMC immunity, IP Code testing, mechanical safety and whatever else applies to the CE requirements for your equipment.

Test Reports
Your reports will be accurate and of world-class quality. The reports need to be the basis for detailed technical information you may pass on to suppliers or buyers. Your CE Declaration of Conformity and Technical Construction File will be correct and ready for international customs and your suppliers.

CE Marking
Your product has to look right. To have the right markings weˇŻll guide you through the best options and provide sources for permanent CE marking systems that will make it through any customs or port inspection.

Declaration of Conformity
Everybody will ask you for this, it needs to be correct. With a professionally crafted CE DOC, your customers will be satisfied that the CE evaluation has been done correctly.

CE Directives
The CE Directives, Guides and other information are available here.
- Low Voltage
Low Voltage Directive
LVD Guide

LVD Standards
LVD Amendments
EMC Directive
EMC Guide

EMC Standards

EMC Amendments
- Medical Device
MD Directive
MDD Standards
- Machinery
Machinery Directive
Machinery Directive Standards
Machinery Guide
Machinery Direcive Useful Facts
ATEX Directive
ATEX Guide
ATEX Standards
Explosion Prevention
- Pressure
Pressure Directive
Simple Pressure Vessels
Transportable Pressure Equipment
- Lifts
Lifts Directive
Lifts Standards
Lifts Use
- General Product Safety
Product Safety Directive
Product Safety Standards
- Personal Protective Equipment
PPE Directive
PPE Category Guide
PPE Questions and Answers